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Of Koopas, Vampires and Hidden Secrets

Mario and Luigi are leaving the Mushroom Kingdom for an ocupational fair in Sarasaland where they'll talk about being plumbers. Peach will stay home to catch up on her royal duties as she feels she should do more for her kingdom, despite Toadsworth and the Chancellor assuring her that they can handle things in her absence.

Peach ventures into the dark web to hire a bodyguard and comes across a ninja-like woman called Sangreetta Delanoct, who agrees to protect her from Bowser.

Mario and Luigi give Peach their goodbyes at the Mushroom Kingdom and she assures them she'll be fine. They wonder when her bodyguard will arrive. Peach hired Sangreeta without consulting anyone, in hopes of the Mario brothers not having to cut their visit to Sarasaland short to go save her. Sangreetta appears behind the group revealing that she arrived earlier and familiarized herself with the layout and security of the castle, thus proving that she is at least more skilled than the castle guards. Sangreeta has black hair in a ponytail, a slim built, a pale complexion, red eyes and wears black ninja-like clothing, including covering the lower portion of her face. She carries a katana on her back.

That night, Peach talks Sangreetta into having a sleepover with her. Peach asks her if she likes anyone and Sangreetta says that she's too busy trying to prove herself to ger clan to think about guys. Peach admits to be dating Mario, but she doesn't know where the relationship is going, since Mario hasn't really been replying to her hints of an eventual marriage. The princess wonders if he's too much of a free spirit to be king, or if he still has feelings for his ex, Pauline.

After Peach falls asleep, she wakes in the middle of the night to the noise of the Mushroom guards figthing the Koopa Troops near the front gates. Peach looks for Sangreetta in the dark, but can't find her. The frontal attack turned out to be a diversion, while Bowser approached Peach's balcony on his clown copter to kidnap her while her guards were distracted. In the foggy night, Peach vaguely perceives a blond figure in the balcony in a pink dress being taken by Bowser. Confused, Peach investigates. She leans into the clown copter and accidentally falls in unnoticed by Bowser, who thinks he has already captured Peach.

The clown copter flies away into the fog. Bowser makes a call and the fog stops, as it was being artificially generated by a koopa airship near by to cover his approach. Bowser notices that the woman he captured wasn't Peach. Sangreetta sheds her disguise to reveal her ninja outfit underneath. Bowser tries to capture her to interrogate her about where Peach is, though Peach is actually quietly behind him.

As Sangreeetta attacks, Bowser sees the real Peach, confused by the whole situation. Sangreetta attemps to kill Bowser but Peach stops her. Sangreetta explains that she is an assasin and this is what Peach hired her for, but Peach argues that it was a misunderstanding, as she only wanted a bodyguard. The clown copter crashes in a forest due to the commontion. Sangreetta jumps off with Peach, before the princess can fully grasp that they're going down. Bowser crashes with the copter but comes out of it with only minor scratches.

Sangreetta agrees to let Bowser live as it is Peach's wish. Bowser challanges her, claiming there's no way she could kill him and Sangreetta uses her super speed to apparently disappear. Peach points to behind Bowser who spin around trying to catch Sangreetta only to have her look down on him while standing on his shell, claiming she could kill him easily.

The scene is interrupted by a man wearing a similar outfit to Sangreetta, with short black hair, red eyes and pale skin. She recognizes him as Dolbo, her older brother. He yells at her for not accomplishing her assasination, though Sangreetta claims it was her clients wish. Molbo argues that once a hit is put out and the money wired in, it cannot be taken back. Sangreetta refuses to go against Peach's wishes, since the princess showed her kindness and Molbo snatches Peach after tossing down a smoke bomb.

Bowser and Sangreetta go after them, with Bowser breathing fire in anger. Sangreetta warns to be careful not to hit Peach. After running through the forest, they find Peach, though she has a bitemark on her neck and Dolbo is gone. Sangreetta reveals that she is half vampire and her half brother, Dolbo is a full vampire, unlike her, he does have venom in his fangs and is able to turn people into vampires. Every vampire clan has unique physical traits and their clan is known for their super speed.

Sangreetta doesn't known of any way to cure vampirism, as she herself was born with it, though those who are turned could theoretically be turned back. Unfortunately, Dolbo has killed anyone who ever tried to leave the clan so no one has come close to figuring out a cure. Bowser is angry at both Sangreetta and Dolbo, but Peach insists that it's not Sangreetta's fault. She invites Sangreetta to leave the assassin clan and work for her permanently, to which she agrees.

A troop of toads arrives looking for Peach after having spotted the crash from affar. Peach assures them she's alright and hugs Toad, but before she can stop herself attemps to bite him. Sangreetta sees this and restrains Peach getting her to release Toad. Peach is frigthened by her own actions and is scared of what she might do to the toads. She explains that Dolbo turned her into a vampire and asks Bowser to go with him. Toad is shocked by this, but Peach insists that she's a danger to the toads, but Bowser should be strong enough to fend her off if she loses control again. Reasons aside, Bowser is trilled to have Peach go home with him.

Toad has no choice but to accept the princess' decition and Peach is hurt to see the fear in her people's eyes, though they are trying to hide it for her sake. Sangreetta is worried that Dolbo might take things out on Peach and her people and offers to lead him away if he returns. Peach refuses to abandon her new friend and tells Sangreetta that she should instead stay in the Mushroom Kingdom and protect her people, and they will protect her in return. Sangreetta vows to protect the toads and warns Peach that she does need to drink blood, but doesn't have to bite anyone, since blood can be donated to the right front or purchased in the black market, biting someone wouldn't be too dangerous though, because only pure natural vampires have venom. She also reveals that the Delanoct clan are Darklandian nomands.

The airship has since touched down on a clearing and Ludwig arrives, worried about the crash. Upon seeing Sangreetta he accuses her of having killed his mother. She denies this, claiming that after she accepted a bribe from her target during her first assasiation job years ago, Dolbo reduced her to menial jobs and didn't give her another chance to prove herlself until now, thus she failed both of the only two assasination jobs she ever had. Sangreetta then leaves with the toads while Bowser tells Ludwig not to start things again. He reminds his son that Clawdia died of a heart condition, not assasination, though Ludwig is certain Sangreetta was involved. With Bowser silencing his son with a warnig glare, they return to the airship.

Peach is given a room at the airship, which she reminds Bowser he doesn't have to lock, since she's not trying to escape. She then showers, changes and gets ready for the day. Upon trying to do her makeup, she sees her eyes are turning red and cries recalling the look of fear in Toad's eyes. Bowser arrives to call her to an early breakfast, and tries to console her. He assures her that he has contacted his troops and they're combing the Darklands for signs of the Delanoct clan to get information from them on a possible cure.

Wendy arrives at Peach's room, first turning back saying she didn't mean to interrupt the moment, but she soon turned back, scandalized by the sight of Peach's running mascara. Wendy offer's to fix Peach's makeup while chatting about a cosmetology talk she's going to offer at the Sarasaland fair.

Peach, Bowser and the koopalings meet up for breakfast, with most of them feeling sleepy from the all nigther, save for Lugwig, who was in a sour mood, and Wendy who was excited about her upcoming trip to Sarasaland. Morton was talkative too, but it was mostly sleep talking. Peach kept asking for more juice, but she was still thirsty.

After breakfast, Bowser took Peach for a walk on the airship's deck. He was talking about posible places they could visit in his kingdom, since she wasn't trying to run away. She was distracted by her thrist and as if in a trance, removed his chocker and bit him. Bowser, however, didn't complain and let her drink. Peach realized what she was doing and let him go, asking that he put his chocker back on and never take it off, though Bowser tossed it overboard, jocking that he didn't mind getting a hickey from her. Peach tried to get him to take this seriously, but Bowser assured her that he'd never be afraid of her or reject her.

After they arrived at the darklands Peach overheated in the warm volcanic tempraretures and Ludwig saved her by splashing her with water, and getting Bowser all wet at the same time. Ludwig explained that he had begun researching the Delanoct clan and concluded that the embelished rumors about vampires turning to ash in the sunlight originate from them being unable to sweat and thus overheating more easily, their pale complexion also made them prone to sunburn. Peach recalled that Sangreetta was carrying a canteen on her belt ans realized that the water must have been for temperature regulation and not drinking.

Peach decides to go change into more sporty clothes and Wendy offers to help her pick out an outfit. She also requests video conference equipment, a computer and a strong internet connection so that she may work on her royal duties while visiting, deciding to call this strange arrangement a diplomatic visit. Wendy observes that Peach's hair is growing out abnormally fast, as she didn't have black roots before, but now she does. Wendy dyes Peach's roots blond at her personal salon in the castle while everything is set up at Peach's room in Bowser's castle. Wendy says her goodbyes as she is set to leave for Sarasaland.

Bowser meets Peach in her room where she thanks him for the equipment and of having a woredrove available for her. She then video conferences with the Mushroom Kingdom and asks that they send her as many documents as possible for her to work on. Bowser isn't too happy that she's spending all her time working, but Peach insists she feels bad about being behind and it's too hot to go out anyway. Bowser offers to help and Peach reluctantly agrees. They go back and forth and settle for a combination of Bowser's agressive business sense and Peach's kind diplomacy for just the right balance. With most of the paperwork done it's well past time for lunch.

After eating, Peach returns to her room with Bowser complaining that she's done enough work for one day. Peach explains that she's actually going to talk to Sangreetta about being a vampire and what to expect. They learn that Peach's hair growing is a sign of how quickly she's turning and if she's already showing obvious black roots, she must be turning into vampire fast. Overheating comes from outside temperature, not motion, as her body can regulate inner temperature and only her skin will be affected by outer temperatures, so she can run around as much as she wants, preferably in an air conditioned environment. Sangreetta also warns Peach not to hold back her thirst for too long, or the thrist will cloud her judgement, plus her thirst would actually lessen when the transition was complete. Physical movement would be the key to getting the hand of her speed boosts. Insomnia was expected, but the tiredness would go away once her body learned that it didn't need nearly as much sleep anymore.

Peach reassured her advisor Toadsworth and the Chancellor that she would be fine and there was no need or use in disrrupting the festivities in Sarasaland that the Mario brothers were attending. Since motion wouldn't hurt her, Bowser invited Peach to play sports to relax that afternoon, in an airconditioned indoors court. Peach agreed to a game of tennis.

While playing tennis, Peach's speed started showing signs of development. She experienced bursts of speed just as Sangreetta had said and almost tripped several times. At one point she hit the bal so hard that it speed away and hit Bowser on the forehead knocking him out. Peach rushed to his side and insctitivelylicked the blood off is forehead, only to feel bad about it soon after.

Bowser insisted that he was fine and they could keep playing, but Peach didn't want to risk it and requested going for a jog instead. Armed with a waterbottle, she ventured outside, with Bowser worriedly following her. The clouds were so thick in the darklands sunburn wasn't much of a concern, which was probably why the Delanoct clan lived there. Staying cool with water would be easier than avoiding sunlight altogether. As long as they didn't get too close to the volcanoes, the temperature wouldn't be too hard to deal with.

Realizing her water bottle was empty, Peach stopped near a garden and picked up a hose to refill it. The strange darklandin nozzle puzzled her and she accidentally sprayed Bowser with water. He took it as a playful challange and armed himself with another garden hose.

After the water battle, the afternoon had gone by and they went to dinner. Due to the recent events, Peach retired to her room early to rest, but was unable to sleep. Insomnia was expected, but Peach was sleep hoping to shut her brain down for a little while, which was why she clung to every available distraction. Tired of laying in bed, she got up and explored the castle. The night guards greeted her and asked her if she needed anything, but made no attempt to stop her, having already been informed that she was a guest with freedom to visit any part of the castle she wanted.

Peach's explorations eventually led to an area where she saw light. She ventured in, realizing this was Ludwig's side of the castle. She knocked on his door, the light and noise indicating that he was awake. He opened the door, surprised by her visit. She explained she couldn't sleep and was just walking around. Ludwig invited her in to sit and have something to drink. While he was having coffee, Peach opted for tea. Ludwig was researching vampires and explained that though Clawdia died of a heart condition, it might have been the stress of the assasination attempt that pushed her there, though no others ever came for her. He reveals that he was his mother's favorites and Bowser's favorite is Junior, remarking that it's a wonder Wendy doesn't mind being his second favorite, but it's probably just because Junior is different. When Peach inquires what he means, Ludwig says it's nothing and assures Peach that he does like having her around. Peach shares her own feelings about having lost her parents and after chatting with Ludwig, heads back to her room.

The next day brings news of Dolbo being spotted in Sarasaland by Darklandian spies. Apparently the Delanoct clan were posing as doctors and nurses conducting a charitable blood drive for a fictional hospital. They would soon leave their booth, as a real hospital had booked the space later on. Peach insists that they shouldn't cause a commotion and that she will face Dolbo herself though she's not sure where this burst of aggression is coming from. Bowser jokes that he must be rubbing off on her if she's out for revenge, which makes Peach worry if the stress is truly getting to her, or if she's cranky because she's thristy again. She had been holding back with her drinking so she didn't have enough to last for more than a day, plus the transition period actually required more blood than being a stable vampire.

Against her better judgement, Peach held back her thirst and headed to Sarasaland with Bowser. She insisted on being discreet and not causing a disrruption. The clan would be detained and questioned for their illegal activities when they crossed the border between the Darklands and Sarasaland, though the main part was finding a cure for Peach. Dolbo had stayed behind at Sarasaland though and had been seen talking to Wendy. Assuming she was distracting him until reinforcements arrived, Bowser and Peach went to find her.

Upon reaching Wendy and trying to detain Dolbo, she insisted this was her new boyfriend Dracu, which was obviously a fake name he gave her. Wendy was set on defending the vampire until she saw Peach's overgrown black roots and dragged her away to fix up her hair ombre style to make up for the persistent root problem. Bowser confronts Dolbo who offers to cure Peach if Bowser reveals Klawdia's location. Bowser tells him Klawdia died years ago and goes on the attack, but Dolbo uses his super speed to escape.

The fight has attacked attention, but people assume it's part of the entertainment from the theatre booth when two actors dressed as the Mario brothers arrive to choreograph a fight with Bowser. Bowser easily wins and the actors retreat when the fake Bowser arrives and they realize it's not a costume. The general public still think it's an act and cheers for the Bowser vs Bowser battle. The real Bowser quickly wins, and sees Daisy and Luigi in the crowd. Daisy congratulates him on his acting and costume design, pinching his cheek and commenting on how real the mask feels. Bowser tries not to blow his cover and runs off to find Peach, with Luigi and Daisy none the wiser.

Bowser finds Peach and Wendy and they retreat out of Sarasaland with Wendy protesting all the way. She reveals that Dracu, who is in fact Dolbo, asked her a lot of questions about her mother. She assumed he was relating to her and had lost his biological mother as well.

After things calm down that night at Bowser's castle. Peach can't sleep. She sneaks into Bowser's room to quench her thirst for blood and rests awake confused by all these new impulses. After Bowser falls asleep, Peach texts Sangreetta to come visit her.

In the morning, there's a commotion, which turns out to be Dolbo fighting with Kammy. After Kamek, Bowser, Peach and the koopalings arrive, Dolbo retreats. Bowser asks Kammy why Dolbo is searching for Klawdia, since she used to be her caretaker as Kamek was his. Kammy denies knowing anything about it, but Ludwig is suspicious. Kammy still denies it and leaves. Kamek comments that Kammy has secrets that not even he knows about. Just as they're about to go on with their days, Bowser gets dizzy and faints.

The doctors says that Bowser has anemia and Peach blames herself for it, though he insists he's fine and doesn't need to rest. Peach convinces him to rest by saying she's tired and asking him to keep her company while she rests.

After Bowser recovers. Peach is once again holding back her and can't sleep at all. Her hair has gone back to growing at a normal rate and a visit from Sangreetta confirms that her transformation is over. Wendy, who is still a bit annoyed about what happened at Sarasaland dyes Peach's hair blond. She also gets blue contacts with light sensitivity protection. She looks like herself again but doesn't feel like herself.

Ludwig confronts Sangreetta about Dolbo's questions about Klawdia and his offers for a cure. He has been keeping up with the investigation and the few individuals they've managed to detain claim that Dolbo was a good leader until Klawdia left. Sangreetta says she doesn't know anything about a possible cure, and won't say anything about Klawdia. Ludwig is angered that she admits knowing something but won't tell him. She escapes with her super speed and he's left in confusion.

Ludwig confronts Kammy, who repeats the same stories, but Ludwig refuses to believe it, as Klawdia's supposed heart condition is only mentioned in her autopsy and never in her earlier medical exams. Their conversation is interrupted when Bowser shows up looking for Peach. He last saw her talking to Sangreetta and she's nowhere to be found.

Sangreetta takes Peach to Klawdia's hideout. Klawdia's so called heart condition was actually a metaphor for heartbreak but Bowser thought it was literal. Klawdia thanks Peach for watching over her children and reveals that she had been in love with Dolbo when her marriage to Bowser was arranged because of her family's position. However, she discovered that Dolbo was simply addicted to her blood and didn't love her. She left him and faked her death to prevent him from going after her kids to force her to be with him.

Peach wonders if Bowser could have protected her so she didn't have to leave the koopalings, but Klawdia says that the vampires with their amazing speed are dangerous warriors who could assassinate anyone before they have the chance to respond. They are mostly extinct though and the clan is composed mostly of people who have been turned into vampires. Because they originally weren't vampires, their speed and strength though great, isn't quite as much as a real vampire and they lack the instinct to fight. Sangreetta and Dolbo are the only two real vampires left though Sangreetta is the exception, since she has a kind heart.

Peach is determined to help. Dolbo is the real criminal and must be captured. Peach also wants to help heal those who were forced to become vampires, and free Klawdia from hiding. Curiously Peach asks if Klawdia is a vampire, which she is not. Sangreetta says that Klawdia is immune, but Klawdia reveals that's a story she made up to prevent Sangreetta from going after Dolbo if she learned the truth. Now that Dolbo is Sangreetta's enemy anyway, there's no need to lie to protect her. Klawdia reveals that drinking the blood of the vampire who bit her will cure her.

Peach and Sangreetta decide its best to head back to Bowser's castle with Klawdia and this new information. Klawdia is tired of hiding and agrees to attract Dolbo's attention. They return to the castle where everyone is surprised to see the queen alive. Klawdia is reunited with her children and the reason for her disappearance is explained. Klawdia decides it's best if she and Bowser formally divorce and remain friends, to which he agrees.

That night, the castle was on full alert because of Dolbo. He still managed to get past the guards and into the throne room where Klawdia was. This was a trap, as Peach had contacted the Mario brothers to help. Alongside Bowser, Klawdia, the koopalings, Peach, Sangreetta, Kammy and Kamek, they managed to defeat Dolbo and capture him.

Having been defeated after an epic battle, Dolbo blew himself up with a bomb to prevent his damage from being undone. Fortunately, Kammy and Kamek managed to use their magic to gather and preserve just enough of his blood to fashion an antidote for Peach and those who were turned into vampires.

The clan was turned back and resumed their lives with a pardon. Bowser asked Peach if he was sure she wanted to be human again and said he would miss having her like something about him even if it's just his blood. Peach drank the antidote and told Bowser she liked more than just his blood and that he should come visit her sometime, but he shouldn't try to kidnap anymore. Bowser was surprised to actually be invited and agreed not to kidnap Peach anymore.

Klawdia resolved her conflict with her family by letting them know she didn't care and wouldn't be manipulated. She became an ambassador for the Koopa Kingdom at the newly established embassy at the Mushroom Kingdom. There she took a liking to Toad whom she described as being just to sweet. When asked about Toadette, Toad admitted that he knew she had a thing for Wario for a while, and they decided to remain friends. Sangreetta worked as a Mushroom Kingdom diplomat at the Koopa Kingdom  and spent a lot of time working with the Koopalings.

That Christmas, there was a big party at Bowser's castle with the place decorated in lights like never before. The real occasion though was the fact that Peach was coming over and agreed to be Bowser's dinner date, if she was allowed to invite a few of her friends. Bowser was quick to agree without thinking.

At the party, the Mario and Luigi attended with Pauline and Daisy as their dates respectively. Klawdia went with Toad and Toadette showed up with Wario, whom she seemed to have thoroughly under her control. The large party hall was filled with guests, music and food.

After dinner, there was dancing and mistletoe magically appeared overhead. Bowser caught a glimpse of Mario kissing Pauline from the corner of his eye, confirming beyond a doubt that he and Peach had in fact decided to stay as friends. He considered he he should try to kiss Peach and wondered if she'd want to. He looked at her, she let out a little giggle and smiled, then went on her tiptoes to kiss him, but a sudden chorus of hoots and hollers made them snap into attention.

The noise wasn't directed at them, and Bowser's first assumption was that Wendy was kissing that new boyfriend of hers, the Koopa boy with the bright yellow shell. Bowser was ready to yell at him when he saw that Wendy and her date were standing to the side, partaking in the car calling. Looking further ahead, Bowser saw that Ludwig was kissing Sangreetta and his jaw dropped. Before he could say anything though, Peach stopped him and kissed him, and at that moment all else was forgotten. It had been quite an adventure, and this was their happy ending.
This is a fanfic summary, if anyone wants to write it as a full story, let me know.

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